Brickhouse Nutrition Lowered their Cost per Acquisition by 66% after Starting Programmatic with Investor Alerts

Brickhouse Nutrition Lowered their Cost per
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BrickHouse Nutrition is a lifestyle brand specializing in science- and research-backed products, including nutrition, sports supplements, whole food bars, collagen, and more. With a focus on unique products supported by medical professionals, BrickHouse sought to boost revenue and reduce their cost per acquisition. Despite previous unsuccessful experiences with various agencies, they discovered the potential of programmatic marketing when they partnered with Investor Alerts.

The Challenge

Working with Investor Alerts presented BrickHouse Nutrition with new challenges, such as understanding programmatic marketing, analyzing reports, testing new mediums, and optimizing budget allocation. Their primary goal was to lower their cost per acquisition while targeting diverse audiences. Since BrickHouse offers different products tailored to specific audiences (e.g., energy supplements for truck drivers, muscle recovery for office workers, and nutritional products for active kids), they required a programmatic approach that could generate both overall online sales and awareness for niche products.

Furthermore, BrickHouse Nutrition aimed to differentiate itself from competitors by showcasing the superiority and effectiveness of its lifestyle products in the saturated health and wellness market.

BrickHouse’s primary goals with Investor Alerts were:

  • Lower Cost per Acquisition
  • Target New Audiences
  • Differentiate from Competitors

Our Solution

Initially, Investor Alerts focused on display advertising and gradually expanded to include audio and OTT channels after four months. They collaborated with BrickHouse Nutrition to ensure a sustainable budget growth rate, aligning with the “step on the gas” strategy proposed by Myles Girard, CEO of BrickHouse. However, Investor Alerts emphasized the importance of achieving key performance indicators (KPIs) and specific goals before scaling up at full speed.

Investor Alerts implemented a comprehensive mix of video, display, and native advertising. They conducted tests to analyze the performance of marketing specific SKUs and products compared to broader product categories. This allowed for tailored campaigns targeting specific audiences, such as females, males, and parents seeking nutritious options for their children.

By utilizing various mediums, Investor Alerts provided BrickHouse Nutrition with a well-rounded and long-lasting marketing strategy.

The Results

In April 2020, BrickHouse Nutrition had an average cost per acquisition (CPA) of $83. Within just two months, Investor Alerts not only achieved the CPA goal of $30 but also maintained an average CPA below $28.

  • Goal CPA: $30
  • Month 1 with Investor Alerts CPA: $83
  • Month 3 with Investor Alerts CPA: $28
  • Result: A remarkable 66% decrease in CPA within 3 months, surpassing their target CPA.

When BrickHouse Nutrition launched their health food brand, Whole in One, Investor Alerts devised a growth strategy that included successful international testing, outperforming other channels such as paid search.

Girard expressed his satisfaction, stating, “With Investor Alerts and programmatic marketing, gradually increasing our efforts allowed us to spend more money while generating more revenue. Investor Alerts consistently delivers results.”

COO Max Hennon praised the personalized customer service provided by Investor Alerts during their two-year partnership. Additionally, he appreciated the customized reports and user-friendly dashboard, which allowed them to closely monitor every detail and ensure optimal utilization of their budget.


Through their partnership with Investor Alerts, BrickHouse Nutrition achieved significant success by optimizing their strategy, meeting KPIs, and launching a second business. Within a span of 3 months, they significantly reduced their CPA while benefiting from improved targeting tailored to each product’s unique audience. The guidance provided by Investor Alerts allowed BrickHouse to gain insights into marketing techniques, programmatic strategies, and the utilization of OTT channels.

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