An Ad Platform Engineered for Proven Results!

Target a larger audience at a lower cost, utilizing established tracking, attribution, and optimized real-time programmatic display and video advertisements.

Assessment and Verification

Compatible with all media and devices.

Uninhibited behavioral targeting

Live optimization

Quantitative analysis with human supervision

Go Beyond Advertising. Customize Your Approach.

What makes programmatic advertising truly remarkable is its capacity to pinpoint precisely the ideal audiences for your digital advertisements, precisely when they are most receptive. It doesn't just target any audience; rather, it assembles a highly qualified audience that perfectly aligns with your customer profile

Assessment and Verification

The evidence speaks for itself—measuring and attributing the results of modern digital advertising can be susceptible to contamination. We ensure the validity of your digital ad investment by meticulously tracking comprehensive attribution and eradicating ad fraud from your programmatic advertising campaigns.

Live Dashboard: Obtain comprehensive attribution tracking, extending all the way to conversions, encompassing elements such as:
  • Type of Conversions
  • Type of Devices
  • Level of Interaction
  • Conversion Dates and Times
  • Conversion IP Addresses
  • Referral Pages for Conversions and Beyond…

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Media and Device Neutrality

Our programmatic solution optimizes towards the most effective mix of both media and device types. We use ALL available media outlets, and adjust campaigns in real time for best performance. We serve ads to all connected devices with the only bias being on performance. This includes mobile, desktop, tablet and smart TV (OTT).

Uninhibited Behavioral Targeting

SmartAiAd advertising platform taps into a wealth of behavioral databases, enabling you to target virtually any combination of criteria you can imagine. Furthermore, our system has the capability to incorporate your own CRM data, either for creating look-alike models or based on real-time conversions we actively monitor.

Optimization in real-time

Our advertising delivery platform incorporates a suite of algorithms. These algorithms continuously optimize across various factors, such as devices and media access points, in real-time, driven by performance metrics. This dynamic optimization approach guarantees peak performance and maximizes return on investment (ROI).

Quantitative Analysts with Human Oversight®

Never adopt a ‘set it and forget it’ approach. Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI) operate at their best when guided and trained by human expertise. While our system is indeed exceptional, we do not adhere to the ‘set it and forget it’ mindset. Our campaigns are continuously supervised by a team of campaign managers who ensure smooth operations and maintain a vigilant eye on the AI’s performance.

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Maximize your outreach to the most engaged audience while minimizing costs

  • Zero Contracts
  • SmartAiAd Takes Care of Campaign Management
  • You only pay when your audience interacts with your ad, not for mere impressions.
  • Achieving an effective CPM of $2-$3, compared to the $5-$15 CPM elsewhere