How It Works

How Its Works

How SmartAiAd works for you

Experience our adept delivery of your advertisements across diverse channels, employing precise targeting and real-time optimization for impactful campaigns.

identify & Build you target Audience

We collaborate with you to define your perfect customer, seamlessly incorporating data from leading consumer databases. This encompasses online and offline behavior, demographics, location, devices, and more, culminating in the formation of a highly effective target audience.


Placement Recognition

We distribute your ad across various networks, generating a substantial number of precisely targeted impressions. Through programmatic targeting, we strategically engage your entire sales funnel, fostering the creation of additional in-market customers.


Real Time Bidding Auction

Initiating an auction to present an ad to a current user , SmartAiAd strategically negotiates and secures the winning bid in real time, ensuring effective ad placement.


Ad Delivery

The ad, regardless of its format (display, video, OTT/CTV, or Audio), is presented to the intended user. Payment is only incurred if they choose to click; otherwise, there is no charge.



Every impression, click, conversion, and millions of data points are seamlessly collected in real-time and presented in your SmartAiAd dashboard, as well as other integrated reporting platforms, providing you with immediate access to comprehensive insights.