At SmartAiAd, we are the architects of success-driven advertising. Our advanced ad platform positions your brand message strategically before high-value prospects, delivering remarkable results at a fraction of the cost compared to competitors. What sets us apart is our meticulous attribution and reporting, proving the effectiveness of our strategies.

As a digital advertising technology firm, we collaborate with businesses eager to unveil their products, services, or messages to the world. By directly reaching targeted consumers who display a high potential for engagement, we optimize costs for optimal impact. Moreover, we extend our expertise to agencies, media outlets, and news companies, acting as their programmatic partner to empower their clients’ success.

Harnessing the prowess of cutting-edge artificial intelligence, SmartAiAd excels in driving programmatic digital marketing performance throughout every step of a customer’s shopping journey. From the first click to the final purchase, our AI ensures proper attribution, empowering precise targeting and creating an ever-evolving, optimized campaign for unparalleled success.

Unleashing the Power of Rapid Progress and Cultivating Enduring Triumph: Experience the Dynamic Advertising Journey with SmartAiAd

At SmartAiAd, we take immense pride in our ability to generate swift and impactful key performance indicators (KPIs) that leave a lasting imprint on our clients’ digital marketing endeavors. From the moment we embark on a campaign, our clients and users witness a surge in online traffic, acquire new users, and achieve remarkable conversions in a remarkably short span of days. Within the initial 30 days of the campaign, we witness transformative improvements in critical metrics such as return on ad spend (ROAS), return on investment (ROI), cost-per-click (CPC), and cost-per-conversion (CPC). However, we understand that true and sustainable success demands time, particularly considering the unique intricacies of various industries and sales funnels.

To unlock the full potential of our advertising endeavors and attain measurable outcomes, we encourage our clients to maintain a long-term commitment to their campaigns, ideally spanning a duration of three months or more. By embracing this steadfast approach, our clients pave the path towards exponential brand growth, ultimately cultivating their own thriving ecosystem. It’s important to note that other factors such as website structure, optimization of sales funnels, and the integration of complementary marketing strategies can significantly influence overall triumph. With SmartAiAd as your trusted ally, you can be assured of our unwavering dedication to delivering extraordinary results and fostering enduring prosperity for your business.

Fortifying Client Privacy through Impeccable Vigilance: Championing Confidentiality at SmartAiAd

At SmartAiAd, we hold the privacy of our esteemed clients in the highest regard. While we typically do not impose mandatory non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) for most accounts and campaigns, we stand fully prepared to accommodate any specific requirements or requests you may have. Be assured that we have a readily available NDA at your disposal or can readily endorse an existing one, ensuring absolute tranquility for you.

We take immense pride in our unwavering commitment to maintaining the strictest standards of confidentiality. Rest assured that no unauthorized individuals or non-users will gain any knowledge of your utilization of the SmartAiAd platform, unless explicitly authorized by you. Your business identity remains discreetly shielded, keeping it inaccessible to prying eyes and enabling you to operate with unwavering confidence as you strive towards achieving your goals.

At SmartAiAd, we consider your privacy as our foremost priority, and our dedication to preserving client confidentiality knows no bounds. Trust us implicitly to safeguard your sensitive information and protect your interests at every juncture of our partnership.

At SmartAiAd, we thrive on partnering with any company – be it a brand, B2B, or eCommerce enterprise – possessing a compelling product, service, or message. Our expertise lies in the art of identifying, locating, and engaging a specific target audience or demographic with unparalleled efficiency. We excel in putting your brand or message directly in front of potential customers displaying high conversion potential.

Our advertising prowess reaches new heights when combined with comprehensive and diverse marketing campaigns. For optimal impact, we highly recommend running a Search/PPC campaign alongside any advertising efforts, especially with programmatic. This strategic approach ensures your audience experiences brand recognition like never before, and even if they don’t immediately click on your banner or video ad, they will inevitably search for you when they’re ready – and you must be there to capture their attention at that pivotal moment.

No, we don’t require contracts. Clients can cancel anytime. However, swift cancellations might impact initial investment and strategy; we recommend staying for visible positive outcomes.

Here are a few recommended practices for ad approvals and successful campaigns:

  • Accessibility: Ensure your website supports keyboard navigation and employs contrasting colors to assist users with disabilities.
  • Privacy Policy/Terms & Conditions: Including these on your site is a common approval requirement across networks. It’s crucial for both clients and users to understand the data collected and its usage. Here are sample links: Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  • One-Page Sites/New Domains for Campaigns: While separate domains per vendor might seem beneficial for tracking, it can lead to poor user experiences. Users prefer researching products or companies before submitting forms, which is hindered by single-page sites. Navigational difficulties and accessibility issues arise with new domains. Consider cross-domain accessibility and maintaining access to the main client domain from new domains.

Optimize Display comprises standard banner ads, rich media ads, native ads, and social media ads. This unified campaign spans all devices, offering a comprehensive online advertising solution.

This programmatic display advertising is highly focused and embraces various DSPs and networks to connect with your target audience across platforms.

Operated on a CPC/CPE (cost per click) basis, Optimize Display ensures you pay only when your ad is seen and interacted with by your intended audience.

Native ads mimic the format of nearby content, seamlessly integrating with their surroundings. Placed within credible editorial contexts, these precisely targeted native ads can yield impactful outcomes.

Optimize Video entails programmatic advertising amplified by the captivating potential of video. Showcase your TV ads to the audience with the highest purchase potential, leveraging extensive targeting features. Payment is based on engagement, requiring a 30-second view or interaction click.

Experience a remarkable 24% rise in brand recall by employing a multi-screen strategy. Optimize Video proves more streamlined than conventional television, offering comprehensive measurability. Gain insights into viewership duration and actionable responses to enhance your campaign effectiveness.

Operating on the same principle as Optimize Display, we collaborate and integrate seamlessly with a wide range of DSPs and networks. Video ads are served impartially based on user activity, not projected behavior. For instance, if a user is simultaneously on foxnews.com, yahoo.com, and an iPhone app, we might access them on one of these sites via multiple networks. An algorithm then assesses the most cost-effective site placement and network, deploying the ad accordingly. This could encompass all three screens or just the most efficient one at that moment.

Clients are only charged for video ad placement when the video is interacted with, viewed in its entirety, or watched for a minimum of 30 seconds. Consequently, payment is linked to meaningful engagement, ensuring that payment is made only when the video’s first 30 seconds are viewed, leading to heightened branding impact.

In most cases, our recommendation is to begin with display, as it offers the capacity to maximize impressions per dollar spent while maintaining precise targeting. Establishing a solid foundation of reach and frequency is essential for a successful campaign. Display advertising achieves the greatest number of impressions per dollar, effectively reaching a larger audience more frequently. Once display is established, we explore the integration of video and other platforms, particularly as multi-screen advertising fosters enriched media interaction. However, the initial focus is to ensure your brand message reaches the correct audience consistently and frequently.

The absence of display repetition can lead to the fading of awareness from other channels, underlining the need for reinforcement. When display and video work in tandem, the results are truly remarkable. A significant number of our clients experience a 24% boost in recall through multi-screen campaigns. Additionally, we consider incorporating OTT (Over-The-Top) into your campaign, effectively engaging with audiences who are cord cutters or cord shavers.

Engaging viewers from multiple perspectives instills confidence and familiarity with our brand. Hence, it’s vital to interact with audiences across all available mediums whenever the opportunity arises.

Certainly. If you’ve been experiencing positive outcomes and favorable returns from particular strategies, including paid search keywords, it’s advisable to continue those efforts. However, it’s crucial to maintain a substantial budget dedicated to your branded keywords. When we establish your brand through display and/or video campaigns, it’s imperative that your name prominently appears at the top of search results when your audience looks for you. This holds true even if your organic SEO is performing well – it aligns with best practices to ensure your name stands out in search results.


  • OTT (Over The Top): OTT refers to the distribution of content from a video provider to a connected device via the internet, bypassing traditional cable and telecom networks. It grants access to streaming TV and film content on screens other than traditional TV, serving ads “Over The Top” of content being consumed.
  • CTV (Connected TV): CTV encompasses devices allowing video content to be viewed on internet-connected TV sets. This includes smart TVs, streaming devices like Roku and Apple TV, gaming consoles (e.g., PS4, Xbox One), and more.

Optimize OTT+CTV offers a precise and measurable approach compared to traditional TV. Utilizing SmartAiAd behavioral data partnerships, advertisers can reach their target audience effectively and gauge campaign performance through our proprietary Attribution Tracking technology. This technology tracks users who convert on a client’s website after engaging with an OTT+CTV ad.

Optimize Audio encompasses programmatic advertisements featured on audio platforms such as Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud, TuneIn, IHeartRadio, ESPN Radio, Podcasts, Adswizz, Triton, Rubicon, and others.

Through Optimize Audio, you can connect with your desired audience regardless of their location. Whether they’re working out, commuting, unwinding at home, or engaged elsewhere, your ad will reach them across their preferred music, podcast, news, or sports platform.

The added advantage is that SmartAiAd also provides attribution for this channel!

Retargeting involves displaying ads to users who have previously visited the client’s website. There are various types of retargeting:

  1. All Traffic: Targets all users who have visited the website.
  2. Click Traffic: Focuses on users who clicked through an ad to access the site.
  3. Rule-Based: Targets users based on whether they reached specific pages or products, or not.

Re-engagement is serving ads to users who’ve been served an impression from a campaign (on any specific channel).

  • First example: If a user sees a display ad, but doesn’t click it or visit the website, we can re-engage them with a video ad.
  • Second example: If a user sees a CTV/OTT ad at home, but has no option to click for more information, we can immediately re-engage them with a clickable display ad as a one-two punch by following up with a less expensive but very effective punch. The main purpose of re-engagement ads is to re-serve a user who saw a non-clickable ad with a clickable ad to get them to visit the website. For this reason, the main use of re-engagement is intended for OTT/CTV and audio. (Even though some audio placements are clickable, they’re often times being heard while listeners are at the gym or while driving so the user isn’t looking at their phone to perform the click).
  • Third example: Another great way to use re-engagement is when following-up with a different message. If an Earnhardt Toyota auto dealer serves a display ad to a user promoting $2,000 off a 2020 Tundra, but the user doesn’t click, Earnhardt can send the user another ‘re-engagement’ display ad with a different, perhaps stronger offer, such as $4,000 off a 2020 Tundra and 0% financing.

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